Big Muddy includes wide array of artists

For 22 years now, the Big Muddy Folk Festival has livened Thespian Hall with traditional folk music. This year is no exception. Performances will begin at 7 p.m. on April 5-6. A number of musicians will be showcased this year.
The Alferd Packer
Memorial String Band
The Alferd Packer Memorial String Band is named after the gold prospector/guide turned cannibal Alferd Packer. Packer was the only American ever convicted of cannibalism. In the fall of 1870, five miners in Alfred's charge headed for the Colorado gold fields. The band of six individuals plays traditional music string music.
Anne Hills
Anne Hills is known for her vocals in the folk music scene, receiving awards and recognition for her live performances. Her song “Follow That Road” was the title cut of the Martha’s Vineyard Songwriter Retreat.
Bing Futch
With roots in both African and Seminole Indian tribes, Bing Futch brings to America a unique landscape of music, words and imagery. He began playing Appalachian mountain dulcimer at  Knott's Berry Farm theme park in 1986 while working at a Ghost Town shop for Bud & Donna Ford.
Dave Para and
Cathy Barton
Boonville's Dave and Cathy play several stringed instruments including hammered and fretted dulcimers, banjo, guitar and Autoharp, as well as instruments like bones, spoons, mouthbow and leaf. According to a release their concerts present a range of music from the lively dance tunes they have collected in their home region to old ballads to new songs. They have conducted several instrumental workshops as well as those about songs from the Civil War, from American rivers, old gospel songs, children's songs and Christmas music.
Eileen Gannon
Eileen Gannon specializes in the playing of traditional Irish music on the Irish harp. Under the tutelage of Tracey Fleming, Eileen won several medals in International competitions. And in 2000, she was the All-Ireland Senior Harp Champion. She was the first performer from the midwest and only the third American to win this prestigious world title. Several of Eileen’s students have also won honors in All-Ireland competitions.
Notorious: The Duo
“Eden MacAdam-Somer is a violinist, fiddler, clogger and vocalist. The Birmingham News stated MacAdam-Somer's singing and fiddling at the same time is her specialty, but her rendition of a Vaughan-Williams piece for soprano and violin was truly extraordinary.
Weavermania! Live
Weavermania, conceived by Michael Smith and Barbara Barrow, has performed to crowds at art centers, folk festivals and music clubs in the USA since 1999. The Weavers--Ronnie Gilbert, Pete Seeger, Fred Hellerman, and Lee Hays--were America's first commercially successful folk singing group. Their record Tzena, Tzena/Goodnight Irene sold two million copies in 1950.
Wright Family
The Wright family began producing music after they purchased a Mountain Dulcimer during a family vacation in 1994. Since then they have traveled to many festivals performing and promoting their music CDs.