Random Nonsense - Homeless?


I was walking around downtown Nashville with my three year old boy the other day when he discovered an "A" shaped sidewalk sign promoting today’s special in front of a restaurant. (see photo) He disappeared into the sign and began telling stories about the “house” he had just found.  I needed a little rest anyway so I just settled in, leaning against the building and watching the homeless people that tended to congregate in a nice little park, fountain and all, across the street. 

Suddenly a pack of five or six young teenagers from a local church came swirling up, clipboards in hand, faces full of excitement, all giddy with the joy of Christ’s salvation. I figured I was about to get hit with a petition or a survey or a gentle request for a small donation to some charity or another when their leader, a pimply faced, red-headed kid stepped bravely forward and asked me how I felt about the services of the Nashville Rescue Mission.  Halfway through politely explaining to him that I wasn’t exactly familiar with their work, I was interrupted by Beck poking his head out from his house.  I told him to play some more and he disappeared again. I apologized for the interruption and they gave me an odd look.  They gave an even odder look when I took a couple of bucks out of my pocket and offered it to their charity.  Their leader declined, explaining that they weren’t allowed to accept any money. They wished me a good day and went on their way. 

“A bit strange,” I thought as they crossed the street and began talking to the other homeless people.  "Hey, wait a minute,” I thought, “could it be that…?”

I turned around to look at my reflection in the window.  I was wearing a beat up old FILA hoodie with a little bit of white paint on it, my jeans had seen better days and, because it was the weekend, it had been a couple of days since my last shave.  My hair was a little messed up from having just carried Beck on my shoulders and the cruel window hid what I thought might have been at least a trace of youth in my face and I thought to myself, “Yep.”