Boonville senior Eric Warren knew right off where he wanted to spend at least his next two years of college.
After playing one season of soccer at Boonville High School, Warren announced yesterday during a signing at the media center that he would be attending Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington, Missouri.
While finishing the fall season with nine goals and five assists, Warren said he chose Wentworth because they have very nice and genuine people.
Boonville Pirates soccer coach Tim Brown said Warren is a coachable and very athletic soccer player with a great deal of potential. “He can play just about anywhere on the field, but he seems to be especially suited for a wing back position as he is a strong defender, he is fast, and he never wants to sit in the backfield for long (he prefers to move up in attack whenever possible).”
Wentworth Military Academy soccer coach Kevin Farley said the Red Dragons are really excited to be signing Mr. Warren.
“He has the character that we are looking for in a young man that comes to a military college like ourselves.
“Obviously he has the talent and we do look for talented players, but they also have to have the character to be able to make the sacrifices really to give up a little bit of their freedom to find success the first couple years of college, so we are very excited to have him and he comes from a great family. His dad played basketball at Villanova so he has athleticism in his genes, so we are really excited to have him.”
While starting one year at Boonville and three at a previous schools, Warren said he wants to eventually play at a Division I level.
“I know I need to work on my technical work and overall body strength,” Warren said.
Coach Farley said Warren could possibly play outside mid-field or forward for the Red Dragons.
“Eric is very athletic and fast,” Farley said. “He played forward on his high school team but he could play anywhere in the mid-field, outside mid or forward position. We will just see how the puzzle fits together. We are going to have a lot of competition at forward. Outside and mid-fielders are really difficult to find because we are looking for that speed, so we will see how he fits into the equation. It’s going to be competitive. He is going to have to earn a spot.”
Although Warren played just one season at Boonville, he said the highlight of his career was when the Pirates made it to districts.
Warren also recalls his best game in a Pirate uniform. He said the game the match against Kirksville where he scored five goals was probably his best game overall.
And while Warren wound up choosing Wentworth Military Academy, he said Harris Stowe University and Rockhurst University were two other schools that showed an interest.
Of course through luck, Farley said he found Warren on a website for recruiting athletics:
“We started corresponding that way and we felt like we were a good fit for him and through his experience, his family felt like we were really a good fit for them as well,” Farley said. “He was recruited by some of our competitors and I think this is the first time I recall that we are signing players away from our competitors.”
While starting the program from scratch two years ago, Farley said it’s been a little difficult getting it going but that the president has given the coaches the tools to do a better job of recruiting this year. “I think the people around the region have been able to see that,” Farley said. “We have competed with a lot less talent in the past so now as we bring in players like Eric and some talented players around the world, you can see why I am really excited about 2013. We are bringing players in from all over the world such as Brazil, Poland, Spain, Mexico, Texas and North Carolina and finally starting to get some Missouri players which we are excited about.”
Of course Warren has also been influenced by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, a legendary soccer player. He said Ronaldo along with his old dentist, Dr. Tuebner, and most importantly his great grandfather, Richard Brown, who served over 20 years as a city councilman in Boonville.