Boonville student interviews
Congresswoman Hartzler

He is only in second grade but he already has his future planned. Michael DeLeon wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up, but he may pursue other lines of work as well, maybe politics. While attending Boonville's Hannah Cole Primary, one of his classes required him to do a project. He chose to interview Missouri's Fourth District Congresswoman Vicki Hartzler.
On Wednesday Hartzler made a stop in Boonville, visiting constituents on her travels around the district. She stopped at the Boonville Daily News visiting with staff and DeLeon.  
The first question was based on a civics lesson one would likely learn in a high school Civics Class, which asked what the main duties of congress was.
Hartzler said making laws and listening to people each congresswoman or man represents is vital in crafting new laws. Hartzler said congress is very vital in making sure there is a strong national defense, road infrastructure and good communication between the people and the government.
He also asked what committees Congresswoman Hartzler serves on. She said she serves on three committees, including agriculture. Hartzler explained how she and her husband own a farm and grow corn, soybeans and wheat. She also explained her involvement in the armed services committee, which affects both Whiteman Air Force Base near Warrensburg and Fort Leonard Wood near Rolla.
"We make sure all of our soldiers are safe," Hartzler said.
She also serves on the Budget Committee, which determines how to spend the taxpayers money.
"The committees divide up different areas of government and look at making laws for that topic," She said.
She also explained to DeLeon the process of lawmaking, how it starts with a committee and then proceeds to the House. Once its passed in the House, it travels to the Senate and then if it passes the Senate, the president will either sign the bill into law or veto it. She told DeLeon it could be the other way around, where a bill could begin in the Senate as well. This is all known as 'checks and balances.'
"It is not easy to pass a new law and that is probably a good thing," Hartzler said.
DeLeon asked Hartzler what the hardest and most fun part of her job was. She said the hardest part is the difficulty it is sometimes to pass a law.
"It is not easy to travel back and forth. I have to spend time away from my 14 year old daughter and my husband. That is the sacrifice we make," Hartzler said.
She said the fun part was meeting people like DeLeon and the great people of the area.
"We have wonderful families and I enjoy having the privilege to getting to serve and fight for them in Washington.
DeLeon said he was nervous during the interview but is elated he was able to interview Congresswoman Hartzler.