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by Antonio Prokup
Peace Be With You, Neighbor
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By Antonio Prokup
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March 28, 2013 11:32 a.m.

This thought of loving your neighbor as you would love yourself is not a new concept.
Unfortunately, we, human race, have had great dif?culty with this one concept. I believe
if we could conquer this one task, all other problems in the world would disappear.
I understand how dif?cult this task is, but then again it could be very simple. If I
loved my neighbor as if he were me at the same time he was loving me as he would
himself then there would be no con?ict. Con?ict comes about through competition.
Competition to be a better parent, provider, athlete, or student just to name a few. Until
we learn to be competitive and love at the same time, the task of loving your neighbor
seems impossible.
I recently read a study of the Ik tribe in Uganda many, many, years ago who were
hunter gatherers and peacefully lived together for a common goal - survival. The Ik
people were moved to a barren land where their food source was limited. This fact
started competition for food, thus for survival. The Ik people no longer lived in harmony
and no longer loved one another.
So, the answer is easy. Loving one another as you would love yourself brings peace.
Just as God loves us and aches for us to love him. Do I think this can happen
universally? I have to say yes because I believe with God all things are possible. But, I
also believe it will take an enormous uni?ed effort. Are you up for the challenge? I am!

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