A group of 20 runners, ranging in ages 30-60, took to the streets literally over the weekend in Sedalia by competing in 2013 Sedalia Half Marathon and 5K run.
Boonslick Heartland YMCA Activities Director Vanessa Dorman, who helped coordinate the event for the Boonville runners, said the week before the race they were all worried that they would be running in rain, snow or ice. "I guess you would call it a pleasant surprise to only have temperatures in the 30's and a strong NE headwind to contend with on Saturday," Dorman said. Twenty area runners were undaunted by any of it and showed to compete in a field of over 120 competitors for Sedalia's 31st annual half marathon."
Dorman said 12 of the area runners had been part of a the Boonslick Heartland YMCA 2013. She said the training group had been following a training schedule since mid January. This was the first half marathon for many of the trainees, she said.
In the half marathon for the Boonville group. T.C Meller finished 27th out of 126 runners in a time of 1:48.22.
Connie Wilkinson, meanwhile, finished 41st overall in a time of 1:51.40, followed by Misty Eads in 62nd place in 1:58.37, Vanessa Dorman in 73rd place in 2:02.00, Scott Fray in 74th place in 2:02.07, Keith Bail in 103rd place in 2:28.40, Melinda Richerson in 105th place in 2:30.51, LaHoma Easterwood in 106th place in 2:31.02, Jodee Stock in 107th place in 2:32.30, Dina Herzog in 114th place in 2:49.31, Anita Keene in 115th place in 2:51.55, Lori Wessing in 117th place in 3:02.44, Joel Terrell in 118th place in 3:12.33, Candy Gabel in 123rd place in 2:24.38, Marsha Stewart in 125th place in 3:18.19 and John Brown and Shelly Axe tied for 126th place in 3:45.54.
In the 5K run, Marlene Ridgway finished 16th out of 26 runners in a time of 36:39 while Leigh Anne Reynolds placed 17th overall in 39:33 and Pete Rodman in 24th place in a time of 47:26.