Board votes to send BTEC LPN program to State Fair

Boonslick Technical Education Center Director Karen Brosi recommended handing the LPN program over to State Fair Community College after the loss of the company accrediting the school. The move forced some hard questions before the Boonville R-1 School Board at its Wednesday evening meeting.
The board decided to transfer the program based on the growing cost of maintaining it. Costs would increase drastically if the school moved to get accredited once again, which Brosi said was not a guarantee.
Boonville R-1 Schools Superintendent Mark Ficken said the BTEC is heading in the right direction with the new computer programs that will be offered for the following school year, but tough decisions are ahead.
"The program has been a staple in the community and we have three amazing people doing this program. Business is business and it is not meant to be personal. Sometimes when the deck is stacked against you as an organization, you have to make tough choices. It is just like raising a family," Ficken said. "This is not the choice Karen Brosi wants or even I want."
He continued to say if the right decision is not made, the community will be affected greatly. Ficken said for the greater good of the community, offering the program through a joint effort with State Fair would be the only option in securing the future. He reiterated the fact, saying, the district is not losing the program, it just will not be the agent.
"I do feel it is in the best interest of BTEC; like Dr. Ficken said, for the district and the community. I look forward to partnering with State Fair in this endeavor and the things to come," Brosi said.
Brosi said lot of things can benefit from this. Brosi's background included experience with partnerships with colleges as well.
A motion was made by board member Barbara Holtzclaw to transfer the program. Board president Charlie Melkersman seconded the motion. The motion passed.
In further news, the board decided to accept Ozark Drug Testing as the vender for the school drug testing program. Ficken said there will be $5,000 set aside in a pool for the testing.
The district will not offer a drivers education class because of lack of interest. The district also rejected all bids for a vehicle for this class as well.
Melkersman recognized Jeff Lammers and Brenda Campbell for their time on the board since they are not seek re-election. He said their experience has brought a lot to the district including their expertise with finances.