Children flock to Thespian Hall
to see what art is all about

Children from all over the area piled into Boonville's Thespian Hall for a cultural program held by the Friends of Historic Boonville, throughout the day Tuesday.
According to a release form the Friends, "Thespian Hall Lively" an annual event, provided local students the opportunity to appreciate the arts live on stage at historic Thespian Hall. Returning this year is the St. Louis Repertory Theatre's traveling company, Imaginary Theatre Company. Actors of the company included Monique Hafen, Alan Knoll, Jerome Lowe and Laurie McConnell.
The cast performed Annie Oakley for grades 3-6 and Hanzel & Gretel: The Next Generation for grades K-2. Students from Hannah Cole Primary, David Barton Elementary, Laura Speed Elliot, Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School, Zion Lutheran, Prairie Home and Blackwater attended the event. Friends of Historic Boonville Director Melissa Strawhun said both performances filled Thespian Hall.
The actors presented in a modern and often unexpected way, including contemporary music, dance, and colorful sets and costumes.
Before the performance the children were told to expect different styles of talking and dress. They were also told that although someone may be different, do not laugh at them.
During the performance the children were gazed at the actors as they played sound effects to add effect to what the actors were doing. The four actors also played multiple characters as well.
The release from the Friends stated 'Thespian Hall Lively' is an important part of the Friends of Historic Boonville's Community Arts Program. It also stated for some of the children it is their first visit to Thespian Hall and an introductory experience to performing arts.