The Boonville Pirates tennis team faced off against its second district opponent in as many days Tuesday against the Marshall Owls and fell by the same identical score of 12-0.
While losing Monday in the season opener against School of the Osage and Tuesday against Marshall, head coach Stephanie Green said it gave the players a good look at the levels of play they will be facing later in the season.
"It forced our guys to step up their games," Green said. "I thought our doubles meshed a little better today in most positions. We still have adjustments to make, but those young guys moving into varsity spots with no experience, they played well. They got the jitters out of the way and now that we're over that hump, we should see a lot of progress and growth. The experience definitely showed the guys what they have to work on and gave them some focus."
Although the Pirates netters dropped all 12 matches, they actually scored in nine of those matches.
Nonetheless, the Marshall Owls were just too much for Boonville on this day while opening the match in doubles with the No. 1 team of Gerritt Murphy and John Hadley winning 10-0 over Cody Painter and Nathan Green.
The Pirate netters also took it on the chin at No. 2 doubles, with the team of Jacob Ringlen and Ryan Vereyken prevailing 10-4 over the team of Jacob McQuitty and Noah Bechtel.
Unfortunately for Boonville, the onslaught continued as the team of Kelly Williams and Ian Pond fell to the team of Andrew Markes and Jack Hemeyer 10-1.
Meanwhile, at No. 4 doubles, the team of Braden Adams and Noah Lammers lost to the team of Deeno Aguit and Luke Steding by a score of 10-1.
The Pirate netters also fell at No. 5 and 6 doubles, with the team of Christian Vivas and Asher-Humphrey-Martin dropping a 10-1 decision against Nick Lueck and Isaac Barr 10-1. Then, at No. 6 doubles, Logan Parks and Brett McNeal took it on the chin against Dustin Blankenship and Cody Dixon by a score of 10-3.
As for the singles matches, Cody Painter lost to Gerritt Murphy 10-1 at the No. 1 slot. At No. 2 singles, Nathan Green fell to Jacob Ringlen 10-5. At No. 3 singles, Jake McQuitty was ousted by Ryan Vereyken 10-2. At No. 4 singles, Kelly Williams was upended by John Hadley 10-0. At No. 5 singles, Noah Bechtel dropped a 10-2 decision against Andrew Markes. Meanwhile, at No. 6 singles, Ian Pond was shutout against Jack Hemeyer 10-0.
Green said Painter wasn't quite on his game, but started the match strongly.
"Once he couldn't find his rhythm, he struggled, but made some strides in knowing what he has to correct and work on in practice," Green said. "Nathan, too, had a tough time finding his game. His adjustment between strokes was a little off and caused some errors. McQuitty stayed in the match through each game, but didn't quite hit with the pace or consistency he has been showing, but he tried making adjustments and kept playing long points.
"Bechtel showed real improvement tonight. He stepped up with more confidence and stroked the ball well, had some good transitions and net play. Williams was frustrated by not getting his shots in the places he wanted to send them, but still made progress in his match. Pond worked some angles, his strokes improved and he stayed in each point well."
In the JV match, Boonville had a little better luck while recording wins in two out of three matches.
The No. 1 team of Adams and Lammers defeated the team of Jack Alsbach and Aaron Kerksike by a score of 8-6. Meanwhile, at No. 2 doubles, the team of Parks and Martin-Humphrey won by the identical score of 8-6 over Nick Smith and Logan Davis.
At No. 3 doubles, the team of Will Engle and Sean Wainscott fell to the team of Ryan Layton and Doug Lopez 8-0.