City Council grants funds

The Boonville City Council decided to award the remaining balance of grant money to the Boonslick Heartland YMCA in the amount of $13,000. The motion was brought to the table by Ward Three Councilman Hayes Murray who made an amendment to the motion to accept the 2013-14 budget at the Monday evening meeting. The amendment forced  some discussion.
"I am very troubled by this. We acted and made a consensus as a council and when we do this, we should all move forward with this. That was done, the motion was passed with a majority consensus. When we act as a council we should stick with out actions. We should stick with what the council agreed to do," Boonville Ward Three Councilman Ned Beach said.
"Matt came before us and asked us to do something. As of right now we have not given him an answer," Boonville Ward Two Councilman Noah Heaton said.
"The reason I am bringing this up is because we had amenities who did not show up to get their gaming funds. The YMCA can use this money for the entire community. It is money that will be used," Murray said.
Ward Four Councilman Mark Livingston felt the money should have been given away but with the averages, the money given away was lower than what was allowed. Livingston did not feel it was right to single out one group as well. Livingston also said there is a conflict of interest since the new YMCA CEO rents from Murray.
Murray said there was no conflict.
Ward Two Councilman Henry Hurt said the money was originally used to help those harmed by the casino including Howard County, which was originally suppose to get a substantial portion of the funds. He also said the council needs to take care of the city instead of awarding funds to areas such as Bunceton and other communities not effected by the casino.
Ward Four Councilman Morris Carter said the city needs to start preserving all the money it can considering the announcement from Nordyne, which will be leaving the city within two years. Carter said this money is not a lot but when it adds up it could help bring in some economic development.
The council voted with four approving and four against the measure. Boonville Mayor Julie Thacher broke the tie with a vote approving the measure.
In further news the City will purchase 3.54 acres of land along East Morgan Street from the State of Missouri. Boonville Public Works Director M.L. Cauthon explained the purchase as a necessary step to secure the street. Cauthon said when the state decided to sell access property the city found out that the state owned part of Morgan Street. But, according to maps, which have been in Boonville for 100 years, Morgan Street has always been owned by the City. Cauthon said the idea of taking legal action would be more cost than it was worth, so they offered the state $2,500 for the 3.5 acres and the state accepted.
The Isle of Capri Casino-Hotel will start a comprehensive remodeling of their interior using a Boonville-style color pallet. Isle of Capri General Manager Barron Fuller presented the council with ideas and descriptions of what will be replaced, including replacing all of the carpet within the casino. Fuller said the remodel will be taking place at night so day traffic will not be hurt.