St. Patrick's Day Dinner returns

It would not be Saint Patrick's Day without corned beef, cabbage and potatoes, or at least seem like it. This is exactly what was on the menu at the Saints Peter and Paul Church Saint Patrick's Day Dinner, which was held Saturday evening after mass services. The setting was more of a dinning experience rather than lined tables like at other dinners at the church. Dim lighting help set the mood.
Reverend Robert Duesdieker said the dinner was a cooperative effort between the parish and its two pastors to have a dinner on Saint Patrick's Day after over a decade without one.
Reverend Matthew Flatley, who volunteered to cook for the event, said the night went exceptionally well. He was dressed in a catering type uniform designed and created by Jim and Penny Oswald.
"It seemed that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening," Rev. Flatley said.
Rev. Flatley noted the generosity from the parish and local merchants was outstanding, including Snoddy's and Breadeaux Pizza. He said supporting local merchants was very important.
As people arrived between 6:30 and 7 p.m., dinner was served shortly after. Rev. Flatley said the event lasted until 10 p.m., some even stayed until 12 p.m.
He also said many individuals helped put things away of which he was very grateful for.
Rev. Flatley said the church plans to have the dinner every year.