My Monday seems to be moving by at a rapid pace which has led to a later than normal and a shorter than normal blog.  We’ll make up for that later in the week. 

The eyes of the sports world turn to college basketball for the next couple of weeks as the annual event known as March Madness begins on Tuesday with play in games featuring teams you never knew existed.  Actually, the madness began for me last Friday when I got mad at the Missouri Tigers who were playing quite well thank you until they for some inexplicable reason lost their ability to make a basket for three and a half minutes late in the second half.  This led to Ole Miss being able to get back into the game and eventually win it thanks to poor decision making at the end of the game by Missouri.  The Tigers easily beat Texas AandM on Thursday night and looked to be on their way to beating Mississippi on Friday night until their meltdown late in the second half.  The Tigers controlled the boards during that stretch of time which was doubly frustrating as they were getting multiple shots but weren’t able to make any of them.  By the time they were able to make a basket it was too late and the Tigers never got back into any sort of rhythm.  I don’t know whether Friday night’s outcome had any bearing on where Missouri ended up in the NCAA tournament but whether it did or not is irrelevant at this point as they couldn’t have been placed in a tougher region as far as I’m concerned. 

The Missouri Tigers open on Thursday night against Colorado State, a team that not much is known about.  Colorado State has a better overall record than the Tigers but they also probably didn’t play the level of competition the Tigers did either.  If Missouri is able to get past Colorado State, and that is a big if in my opinion, Missouri would then most likely play Louisville on Saturday.  Louisville has the no. 1 seed overall in the tournament and is obviously the top seeded team in Missouri’s region.  Missouri has already lost to Louisville once this season going down to defeat 84 to 61 in a tournament in the Bahamas over Thanksgiving weekend.  This was during a time when Missouri was probably playing a lot better than they are now and Louisville played about as close to a perfect game as you could get that early in the season.  Since that time Louisville has endured a stretch where they lost three in a row but also got back to playing like the team they were earlier in the year and waltzed right through the Big East tournament.  If there is such a thing as a favorite in this year’s tournament then I think Louisville would have to be it.  I really don’t see Missouri’s season continuing after this weekend and I think it would be considered a pretty major accomplishment if they can get past Colorado State and be competitive against Louisville.  Missouri’s problem is they have shown they cannot win close games and given the way this year’s tournament stacks up and the balance throughout the tournament all Missouri can hope for are close games.  I really don’t think there are any easy games in this year’s tournament especially for a team like Missouri. 

I’ll have much more to say on the tournament on Wednesday.  Please take the time to check out all the other blogs on this site and thanks so much for supporting this one.

Have a great Monday.