Turn back the clock by adding these 50 nutritional powerhouses to your diet.

Almonds: anti-inflammatory; heart healthy; lowers cholesterol; boosts energy
Apples: cancer fighter; promotes digestive health; lowers cholesterol
Artichokes: high in antioxidants, good for digestive health and gallbladder function, promotes liver health.
 Asparagus: brain- and memory-booster, cancer fighter
Avocados: cancer fighter; regulates blood pressure; lowers cholesterol, promotes smooth, healthy skin
Beets: lowers blood pressure, eliminates toxins, promotes sexual health
Bell peppers: promotes healthy eyes and prevents cataracts; improves brain function.
Blueberries: anti-inflammatory, promote heart health, improve brain function and memory, preserve eyesight
Broccoli: cancer fighter; promotes healthy bones, skin and heart
Buckwheat: boosts heart health, controls blood sugar, prevents diabetes
Carrots: protects eyes from macular degeneration and cataracts, lowers risk of heart disease and stroke, fights cancer
Cauliflower: protects against arthritis and diabetes, fights cancer, detoxes liver
Cherries: boosts heart health, anti-inflammatory, pain reducer, eases gout and arthritis
Chicken: promotes thyroid health, boosts heart health, prevents bone loss
Chili peppers: boosts metabolism, fights cancer
Dark chocolate: boosts HDL cholesterol, regulates blood sugar, anti-inflammatory.
Cinnamon: anti-inflammatory, promotes digestive health, pain reliever, prevents diabetes
Coconut oil: lowers cholesterol, antibacterial
Cranberries: promotes heart and oral health, cancer fighter, prevents urinary infections
Edamame: anti-inflammatory, regulates blood sugar, lowers cholesterol reduction
Eggs: breast cancer fighter, promotes eye health
Flaxseed: promotes heart and brain health, cancer fighter, lowers cholesterol reduction
Garlic: anti-inflammatory, promotes heart health, regulates blood pressure
Ginger: ovarian cancer fighter, anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, promotes good digestion
Grapes: lowers cholesterol, promotes kidney, eye and heart health
Green tea: boosts metabolism, cancer-fighter, anti-inflammatory, boosts brain and heart health
Honey: sore throat soother, cough suppressant, anti viral, supports immune system.
Kale: cancer fighter, lowers cholesterol, boosts eye health
Lentils: promotes heart health
Lemons: boosts immunity, supports good digestion, promotes skin health
Oatmeal: lowers cholesterol, controls blood sugar
Olive oil: lowers cholesterol, cancer fighter, regulates blood pressure
Onions: prevents ulcers, cancer fighter
Miso: promotes breast health, boosts immunity, promotes digestive health
Pistachios: promotes heart and skin health, boosts immunity
Pomegranate: anti-inflammatory, boosts heart, prostate and brain health
Potatoes: promotes brain and thyroid health, lowers blood pressure
Pumpkin: promotes eye health and lung health
Quinoa: good for blood sugar regulation, heart healthy
Raspberries: fights cancer of the skin, lung, liver, and esophagus; anti-inflammatory
Red cabbage: good for skin and brain health; fights cancer
Red kidney beans: good for brain and digestive health
Salmon: fights cancer, promotes brain, heart, joint and eye health, fights inflammation
Spinach: fights cancer, boosts brain health, supports immune system
Strawberries: fights cancer, promotes skin health
Sweet potatoes: good for blood pressure regulation, boosts immunity, promotes heart and skin health
Tomatoes: fights cancer, reduces cholesterol, promotes skin health
Tuna: good for cardiovascular, eye and brain health
Walnuts: good for heart and skin health, fights breast and prostate cancer
Yogurt: supports healthy immune system, promotes colon and bone health

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