Bunceton man killed
in accident

Noah Donald Thurman, 53, of Bunceton was killed in an accident on Thursday. Thurman and his two sons were working on a vehicle when the accident occurred.
According to the Cooper County Sheriff's Office, a Case skid steer loader was being used to lift up the rear of the vehicle. Thurman, who was in the loader decided to exit through the front when he accidently hit the release button for the loader. Thurman did not have time to react as the loader pinned him between it and the lift arms around the chest.
Sheriff Jerry Wolfe said response from local agencies was very quick. He said by the time they arrived the sons had un-pinned Thurman. According to Wolfe, Thurman was unconscious shortly after the accident and when the medics arrived he was deceased.
Wolfe said the Staff for Life Helicopter was originally called but then told to go back because it was no longer needed.      
Wolfe said he does not believe the cause to be a hydraulic failure.