Good people make an organization great.

  Since its inception in 2008 the Uffda Fund for Animals has been blessed with hard-working caring individuals, whose focus is all about the animals we love. We started with a small group of local folks who wanted to help the homeless cats and dogs wandering the countryside. I am so pleased to say that the core group is still active and the ranks of rescuers has swelled by 90% since we began the rescue. The focus is still the same - spay or neuter, vaccinate and find reliable permanent homes. We do what we can with the donations from individuals and occasional windfalls from grants. Every time I open an envelope I am amazed and humbled by the generosity of people.  One Uffda supporter contiues to send checks monthly. Others remember Uffda by contributing yearly during our annual fund drive or choose to send a memorial to honor a departed loved one.

It is a privilege to work with these dedicated folks and to live in a community of humans who care about the welfare of those who cannot speak for themselves. Animals truly enrich our lives.