Fire causes Happy China to close temporarily

A small fire prompted a quick evacuation of Happy China Chinese restaurant located on Ryan Street Sunday, a little after 3 p.m. The Boonville Fire Department arrived on the scene at 3:23 p.m. A report from the BFD stated the fire was primarily in the kitchen flue. Flames were also coming out of the flue, located on top of the building.
Two fire trucks, including the ladder truck, and an ambulance responded to the scene. The BFD quickly extinguished the fire.
The fire department worked the scene for almost two hours, making sure the fire did not reignite.
The fire was determined to be an accidental grease fire. Damage from the fire will hinder restaurant operations for no more than two weeks until the damage can be fixed.
"The department did a good job containing the fire and helped keep damage to a minimum," Boonville Fire Chief Tim Carmichael said.
The Boonville Police Department also responded and made sure the area was secure so the BFD could do its job of putting out the fire.
"Our role at a fire scene is simply traffic control unless the Boonville Fire Department feels the fire is suspicious in nature, which they didn't at this fire scene. We always work closely with the fire department at any fire scene and do whatever they may need," Boonville Police Chief Bobby Welliver said.
Inspections of the damaged areas by Steve Hage and the health inspector will be the next step before repairs can be made.