SS Peter and Paul showcases student talent

It was an afternoon the whole school could enjoy, and for one hour on Friday all 200 students at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School watched as fellow students showcased their talents. Talents showcased were not all about music, but sporting talents along with karate talents that were also brought before the student body.
Students gathered in the the school gym around 2 p.m. to kick off the talent show. The show began with students playing Mary had a Little Lamb on the recorder.
"The talent show is an opportunity for kids to share their talents and gifts with everybody. The idea is to teach them that we all have something to contribute and we are called upon to share our gifts and talents with others. We are not supposed to hide our light, our talents, under a bushel basket. The talent show was done to show how God blesses each of us differently," Saints Peter and Paul School Principal Alan Lammers said.
Lammers also said the talent show taught the students an appreciation for the uniqueness of each person.
Throughout the show, students eyes were drawn to the different talents of the students while Kenley Fuemmeler and Stella Tutin introduced the students.
Saints Peter and Paul School Music Teacher Linda Burnett made sure all the students were in order and controlled the music for each student.
Lammers said the talent show was a success.