Boonville Community Foundation has new website

BOONVILLE — The Boonville Community Foundation (“BCF”) has a new website up and running that will help the citizens of Boonville to understand more about the flexibility, promise, and power of the Community Foundation.
A community foundation serves to improve the quality of life in a geographically defined community (Boonville), offers opportunities for a wide range of private and public donors and seekers of charitable funding, has a local board reflecting the community, and provides a way for charitable work to have a consistent stream of resources.
The URL for the new website is  Yes, the name is long, but it’s pretty easy to remember.  
The BCF is designed to be for and by the citizens of Boonville, so the more persons who hear about and understand the general workings of the Community Foundation, the better life may be for everyone in Boonville.
Once you enter the BCF website, you see local photos and information regarding Boonville and how the Community Foundation may serve you and the community.  Of particular note is the bottom series of links to more in-depth information about the various funds and services of the Community Foundation.  
You’ll see that it is very easy to start a charitable fund through BCF, as there are just four simple steps.  The first step, of course, is communicating with BCF leaders to learn how what you wish to accomplish through the Community Foundation can be done.  
The Boonville Community Foundation specializes in establishing charitable funds for donors—individuals, families, organizations, groups, or businesses—whose funds are used to support local charitable purposes.  BCF offers donor-advised-funds, designated funds, field-of-interest funds, and scholarship funds and more.  The website provides details about each of these types of charitable funds.  And, of course, the BCF also has an unrestricted fund, which is open for any donor to make a contribution for the improvement of life in Boonville.  The BCF board of directors makes decisions regarding grants from the unrestricted fund.
Over time, the BCF will become an increasingly important part of the social fabric of the Boonville community as it unleashes the power of charitable giving.
If you represent a nonprofit organization, establishing an agency fund with BCF may help you meet your organization’s goals.  
If you are an individual or family, establishing a fund of your choice with the Community Foundation may be exactly what will help you get your giving organized, simplified, and, perhaps, allow you to give generously to your beloved community in perpetuity—without ever reducing the amount in your fund.  BCF will happily work with your estate planner to help you with planning your charitable giving.   
And if you represent a business, BCF can help you donate to causes in Boonville more easily.
The Boonville Community Foundation is in partnership with the Community Foundation of Central Missouri, which provides the back-office services BCF requires.  And if your charitable interests extend to areas beyond Boonville in Cooper County, the Community Foundation of Central Missouri can assist you.
Go ahead and check out the BCF website.  If you have questions about the Boonville Community Foundation, please contact Kate Fjell  at 660-882-4003, or John Baker of the Community Foundation of Central Missouri at 573-817-5027.