Boonville parks getting cleaned up after winter storm

After a crippling snow storm on February 26, which caused havoc around Boonville and the surrounding areas, cleanup is progressing. The weight of the snow caused power lines and tree limbs to snap. In some cases full trees succumbed to the weight of the snow. Boonville Parks Director Gary Nauman said this has been the main cause of the extensive damage to Boonville Parks.
"Downed tree limbs account for the largest amount of damage in the Parks.  A large limb went down across the backstop on the Little League ballfield at Harley Park, and did extensive damage and we lost all three batting cages due to  the heavy wet snow, which included two cages at Harley Park and one at Rolling Hills," Nauman said.
Work was progressing at Harley Park Thursday as Boonville City crews removed limbs.
"Our cleanup efforts so far have been concentrated on removing downed limbs and cataloging 'hangers' that are in the trees.  We will have to probably hire a tree service to come in and remove the hangers because they are high enough in the trees that we cannot safely remove them.  We also have at least two trees at Harley Park that were damaged enough to warrant removal.  The cleanup efforts will probably take another week to two weeks because we still cannot get to some of the downed limbs," Nauman said.
Nauman said they are currently preparing to fix the damaged structures. 
"I have already ordered a replacement net for the Little League backstop and we are still assessing the damage to the batting cages.  The batting cage nets do not appear to be damaged but the support structures received extensive damage," he said.