Local schools team up to help Shriners

Monday will kick off the start of the community wide Can Tab war. Boonville schools have teamed up to compete in collecting the most can tabs and the team that collects the most will win a prize! Each high school class has teamed up with a school: the Senior class is collecting tabs with Hannah Cole, the Junior class is working with David Barton Elementary School, the Sophomore class is teamed up with LSE Middle School, and the Freshman class is competing with Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School. There will be a box at each each school location to collect tabs, so start saving your tabs today and donate them at your designated place!
We encourage the community to challenge the schools in attempt to be rewarded with the prize, so there will be a box to donate your can tabs at C&R Market. The last day to donate can tabs will be on April 12 and the team with most weight in can tabs will win!
Sponsored by Shriners Hospital for Children, there has been more than a half-million pounds of can tabs collected. It takes approximately 1,300 tabs to equal just one pound! You might wonder why they only collect the tab and not the whole can? Well it is because the tabs are the only pure aluminum part of the can, so they have the most value. Who ever thought that such a little can tab could make such a big difference.
The Shriners operate 22 hospitals throughout the United States, Montreal, Canada and Mexico City for children with orthopedic problems and burns. All medical treatment is done without cost to the patient and their family