Florida woman finds a piece of Boonville history

By Noah HR Heaton
When Cheryl Vosika, a Black Folkart collector from Rockledge, Fla., purchased a framed picture of Aunt Jemima from an antique shop in Melbourne, Fla., little did she know what she had found. When she turned over the antique frame there was an old newspaper clipping advertising Ada's Cafe; a cafe that was located here in Boonville.
Vosika, attempting to uncover more about her newly purchased item, did a little digging around.
"When I turned over the frame, I saw the ad said Boonville. I was from New York and we had a neighboring town named Boonville, so I thought maybe it was from there. But after doing some more reading, I found out the newspaper clipping was from the Boonville Daily News," said Vosika.
She was eager to learn more about the cafe and the Boonville area so Vosika called the Boonville Daily News.
"Antique shopping is something I've been doing for awhile. I love finding old things and then researching about its history. What you uncover might surprise you," said Vosika.
She said included on the clipping was the address of the cafe, which was 412 High Street; the same place where the Boonville Daily News office is located today.
"These are the reasons why I collect antiques. Old items, such as the one I recently purchased that was copy written in 1912, uncovered such an amazing story and it just tickles me," said Vosika.
The Boonville Daily News moved into their current office in the late 1960s following completion of a whole new facility.