Hannah Cole Primary seeking children for enrollment

Hannah Cole Primary (HCP) is currently accepting kindergarten enrollments for children turning five before August 1 of this year. HCP Principal Leslie Reardon stated she is excited about enrollment.
"At Hannah Cole, we love to meet our newest students and enjoy the opportunity to visit with parents as they enroll their children for kindergarten," Reardon stated.
In order to speed up the process for parents, the school is offering two enrollment dates, March 19 for boys 4-6 p.m. and March 21 for girls 4-6 p.m.
"Although we encourage you to come according to your child's gender, you are welcome to come on either date if it is more convenient," Reardon stated.
Items needed for enrollment include the child's immunization record (printed copy from doctor/health office if possible), birth certificate, social security card and proof of residence (ex: utility bill, rental agreement, payroll check etc.).
"Hannah Cole is a wonderful facility. However, the biggest asset at HCP is the positive learning environment. The HCP staff working with your children, love teaching and have a very strong desire to help each student reach academic success. Our goal is to assist every child in reaching their individual goal. This may include remediation or enrichment," Reardon stated.
She stated HCP strives for high goals. These goals include academics, behavior, independence, strong instructional programs, team collaboration and effective teaching. She also said HCP provides a positive and caring school environment and works to include and involve parents.
"I would be happy to meet with any parents who have questions regarding their child's educational experience at Hannah Cole. You may contact me at 660-882-2744," Reardon stated.
HCP is located near Boonville R-1 High School at 1700 Ashley Road.