Council for cancer park, but not at Kemper

The Boonville City Council decided not to put the Central Missouri Cancer Society's Cancer Park on the Kemper grounds based on the uncertainty of future development.
Boonville Ward Four Councilman Morris Carter said at the Monday evening meeting the Kemper Development Group was not in favor of putting a park down at Kemper. Carter said they may need all the space for development purposes.
"I would like to see a cancer park but not necessary down at Kemper," Ward One Councilwoman Kathleen Conway said.
Conway also said a location at Johnston Park on Seventh Street would be a good location.
"Out of all the locations proposed, I think Kemper is the best location with the trees, the buildings and all the history," Ward Two Councilman Noah Heaton said.
Heaton said this is not a city project, this is an organization coming to request a location to put a park. He said the park idea has been in the works for two years and to receive more funding they will need to have a location planned out.
A vote was taken with four in favor and four against. Mayor Pro-tem Mark Livingston decided not to break the tie.
"I do not want anyone to go away from this meeting thinking any of the council are against a cancer park; we are not. It is just a location issue," Livingston said.
Ward Three Councilman Hayes Murray asked to arrange a list of other possibilities for the park. Livingston agreed to talk with staff on providing a list of possibilities.
Murray said the drive along on the way to Lookout Point at Harley Park would be a good location with the river, views and trees.
In further news, discussion of the Kemper Campus commenced.
"We need to start making some serious decisions about Kemper," Heaton said.
Heaton said he is concerned about the condition of the buildings on the campus. And while a report was given to update the council on the progress of Kemper, Murray requested more information before making decisions.
Discussion on the demolition of some buildings was the topic of discussion as well. Ward One Councilman Mike Kelley said that probably would not be such a good idea. He said the buildings could be fixed up. Conway even said the historical buildings may even drive someone to be interested in the location.
"The foundation is seeking guidance from the council," Carter said.