BHS honors achievements at Academic Letter Night

The 24th annual Academic Letter Ceremony was held Monday evening at Boonville High School. The night was dedicated to the academic achievements of students in grades 9-12.
The evening opened with Boonville R-1 School Superintendent Mark Ficken welcoming everyone to the event. Boonville High School Principal Jeff Brackman opened with remarks about the night. Boonville R-1 School Board President Charlie Melkersman presented the academic letters and awards.
Ficken commended the students for keeping up with their homework during the snow events of the previous two weeks. He said the school's most important thing is teaching and academics.
"I am so proud of the large percentage of students who were able to achieve their academic letter. We expect all students to try to achieve a letter," Ficken said.
He also said there is a direct correlation between attendance and good grades.
Ficken and Brackman both said the bleachers were full of family who came out to support the students.
The letters were given in class order. Among the letters were the recognition of the Bright Flight Scholars who achieved 30 or above on the ACTs. These individuals were Tanner Green, Megan Kraus and Kathryn Rodman.
"It was a good night because we were there to honor the students achievements," Brackman said.
Among the lists of students with awards were also statistics of each class including attendance rate, honor roll rate and GPA. The freshman through senior classes all held an attendance rate of 95 percent and with a mean GPA of around 3.0. The senior class holds the highest percentage rate of honor roll students at 63 percent.