Well...vacation has come and gone. However, I think 20lbs have come and stayed.

My four day weekend was really fun!  Spent it in Grand Forks eating, socializing and of course watching hockey!  It was a lot of fun!!  However, I'm scared to step on the scale. 

I was going to work out tonight, but am so exhausted from driving and finishing up homework that my ambition is slim to none tonight.  I'm promising that I'll get back at it tomorrow.  My alarm is set for early morning and I have Body Pump tomorrow night. 

I can tell I ate lots of terrible food and wasn't exercising.  I felt like a pile of junk the last two days.  I thought I was trying to eat healthy, but a salad didn't sound as good as a chicken fried steak with eggs and hashbrowns!  I keep telling myself that this was it.  This was my time to let go, now I'm back and ready to continue on this "adventure" I'm on.

Next time I'll talk about something I realized this weekend and how its going to help me to change my life for the better!