After a lighter than average and significantly drier winter last year, Mother Nature is choosing to once again to remind us who is boss after all (hint: it isn’t us). In my house, one of the girls is a snow lover and one not so much- in fairness to Aesa, I am not sure I would love snow when it’s depth is nearly half of my height either. Regardless, all this snow has meant for some quality time inside. Now everyone with kids can attest that quality time inside can grow old rather quickly, but we are bravely carrying on and trying to enjoy it all.

We have watched our fair share of movies and I am ever so thankful now that Ryan and I had the foresight to put some of the Christmas presents away- so we have been able to bring out some “new” toys. We have also done lots of baking- waffles, cookies, cakes, etc. Other activities to beat cabin fever have included writing stories, reenacting stories, making masks, and generally lots of gluing, cutting, and mess making. I like to think that all in all the girls (okay, Macie- I don’t think Aesa will remember this winter at all) will look back at these snowed-in days as fun family time and not some drudgery.

Thankfully, we were able to get outside this week since the temperature wasn’t so cold and we had tons of snow to play in (Macie was ecstatic). Ryan and Macie built an igloo and snowman; Macie also discovered the joy of jumping off huge piles of plowed snow “mountains” onto fluffy snow- I think she said it was “better than a pool.” I suppose all in all, the up side to all this weather is that it provided some family time for us all to hang out together. Also, we were fortunate to not lose trees or power which may have hampered the unexpected holiday feeling.

Finally, I must extend my gratitude and admiration to the City’s Streets and Parks Crews who tirelessly plowed, shoveled, etc all over town to try and keep the snow at bay. Also, a huge thank you to all the Ameren Crews who are working to get power restored to everyone in the area. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Play Local (in the snow), Shop Local, and Go Boonville!