Emergency Snow Routes Imposed for the City of Boonville

The Boonville City Administrator has imposed Emergency Snow Routes as authorized by City of Boonville's Code of General Ordinances, Chapter 12, Article III. The Emergency Snow Route designation and the associated parking restriction are effective as of 8:00 pm, Monday, February 25, 2013 and will remain in effect until rescinded.
During the declared snow emergency; "…No person shall park or allow to remain, any vehicle on any portion of a snow emergency route…" the declaration further mandates that, "No person or persons engaged in removal of snow or ice on driveways, parking lots or sidewalks shall deposit such snow or ice in the streets or any public way for vehicular or pedestrian traffic". The Boonville Police Department is authorized to remove or have removed a vehicle parked such as to hinder snow removal operations.
The Emergency Snow Routes are:
Main Street
Morgan Street from Fourth Street to Al Bersted Drive
Spring Street from Fourth Street to Sixth Street
Sixth Street from Morgan Street to Bingham Road
Seventh Street from Morgan Street to Bingham Road
Eleventh Street from Locust Street to Sonya Drive
Locust Street from Main Street to Eleventh Street
City of Boonville snow removal crews will endeavor to remove snow from all city streets as is the normal procedure. However, as the forecasted snow fall accumulates to increasing amounts, crews will revert to clearing Emergency Snow Routes until such time as it is feasible to return to clearing side streets.