Cancer Park tabled until next council meeting

The Central Missouri Cancer Foundation's request for a park location in the City of Boonville has been tabled for discussion for the next Boonville City Council Meeting.
After a recommendation from the Boonville City Park Board to place the park on the north grounds of the Johnston Field House on the Kemper Campus, a vote in favor of tabling the matter after more information on hearing about the plans the Kemper Development has for the campus before making a final decision.
The Tuesday night Boonville City Council Meeting garnered a large crowd in support of the cancer park.  Ward Two Councilman Noah Heaton placed a motion on the table to accept and vote on the proposal. Ward Four Councilman Mark Livingston then placed a motion to table.
"The Kemper Redevelopment Committee feels that it would not be wise to locate anything on the Kemper Campus until further development plans have been laid out," Boonville Mayor Julie Thacher said.   
Thacher also voiced concerns the Kemper Military School Alumni Association had against the park proposal.
"Before we put anything at Kemper I think it is very important this council decides what direction they want Kemper to go into. Right now we have some good ideas that have been brought before the committee," Ward Four Councilman Morris Carter said.
Morris proposed an idea of the council hearing from the Kemper Re-Development Committee regarding the future plans of Kemper.
"Since this group has been preparing this for two years, they need a consensus of what we are willing to do for them," Heaton said.
Thacher said it would not be a good thing to make a quick decision.
"We need more time to discuss this as a community," Thacher said.