Thacher Funeral Home opens Thursday

After almost five months of restoration Thacher Funeral Home located at the corner of Morgan and Seventh streets is slated to open this Thursday with an open house.
September 10 of last year began the restoration process. A new central air system was added. New paint, wallpaper, windows, furniture and railing outside adorn the home as well. Thacher Funeral Home Manager Jim Wilson, said 95 percent of the work was completed by local contractors.
"We completely re-did the building," Wilson said.
The original 1884 floor was uncovered from underneath the carpet and has been restored.
Wilson said he wanted to come to Boonville and open the funeral home and wanted to tell the community they are here to stay.
"We want to serve the families of Cooper and Howard counties better than has been done in the past," Wilson said.
Families will have a choice to use the William Woods Funeral Home location or the new location on Morgan Street since the two locations have a partnership.
Wilson and his wife live in the second floor of the home, which has also been totally redone.
The hardest part of the project, he said, was getting everything coordinated and completed.
"When you start remodeling an old house, something leads to another. We have had a few construction surprises along the way," Wilson said.
"We are excited about being in the Boonville area. The community has been super nice to us. We are glad to be in service to the families," Wilson said.
The Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce will be holding a ribbon cutting at 2 p.m. on Thursday, February 21. Everyone is invited to attend and see what changes have occurred.