Kemper Campus recommended for Cancer Park site

Charlie Melkersman of the Cooper County Relay for Life addressed the Boonville Park Board Tuesday night on a proposal for a location of the proposed Central Missouri Cancer Memorial Park. The park itself will be dedicated to the survivors and victims of cancer.
During a Boonville City Council Meeting in January, Melkersman addressed the city council with a proposal of the park. It was at that time the council decided to give the idea to the park board so they could decide at their next meeting.
Melkersman stated at the park board meeting that the concept of the park came from a memorial in Bowling Green. He stated the memorial was constructed in a vacant lot in its downtown.
After a site is chosen fundraising can begin. The preferred location is the spot just north of Johnston's Field House on the Kemper Campus, which to the Central Missouri Cancer Foundation (CMCF), will offer a tranquil place to reflect free from noise and disruptions.
The board discussed many of the advantages and disadvantages of some sites available in the city, which included Harley Park, two sites at Rolling Hills Park, Kemper Park, Johnston Park, the Stein House/Sapphire Room lot and the Church lot located at the corner of Fourth and Spring Streets.
The board decided that Harley Park would be too noisy because of the amount of traffic and activities there throughout the Summer. Rolling Hills was considered too far out of the way. The empty lot where the Stein House once stood was considered too noisy because of the Main Street traffic. The church location was a concern because a gas station once was located there. Discussion then centered around the Kemper Campus location.
All voted in favor of placing the park on the Kemper Campus.
In a memorandum from the Director of Boonville Parks, Gary Nauman, stated following an interactive discussion with members of the Central Missouri Cancer Memorial Park Foundation, the Park Board voted to recommend the Kemper Park site next to Johnston Field House.
The Central Missouri Cancer Memorial Park Foundation have been working with MECO Construction on plans for some time.