BHS art students to show off their work

The talent of Boonville High School art students is being showcased at the Zuzak Wonder Store for the second year in a row. This artwork features a number of traditional and non-traditional pieces the students have been working on all year.
An art reception will be held Sunday, February 24 between the hours of 2-4 p.m. Refreshments will be served the artists themselves.
"I am excited that The Zuzak has asked us back for a second year to showcase the work of our young and upcoming artists. This show offers a great "real world" experience for my art students. The show gives them an inside look at what is involved in preparing and presenting their art in a gallery situation," BHS Art Teacher Helen Sanders said.
Sanders also said the reception will give them a chance to receive feedback from the community as well as professional artists.
The students participating in the showcase include Michaela Rumbaoa, Courtney Grissum, Lauren Friedrich, Logan Esser, Hannah Parris, Katie Vest, Marissa Solarzano, Taylor Fry, Daryl Fagan, Emma Escobar, Kat Xufuris, Kathryn Rodman, Sammy Dorman, Raven Stone, Brittany Hughes, Savannah Burnett, Alyssa Dell, Mai Thep, Holly Krumm, Frankie Vollrath, Amanda Hampton, Amy Shipman, Rebecca Matteson, Whitney Nickerson, Madisson Alexander, Brianna Worthington, Austin Henderson, Blake Isle-Colon, Brittany Reichel and Nina Martin.
According the Sanders, the art may be up in the gallery until March.