US Census shows Cooper County has gained over 1,000 people since 2000

According to the United States Census Bureau Cooper County added over 1,000 people since the year 2000. Among the cities in the county that saw growth were Boonville, Pilot Grove, Bunceton, Prairie Home and Wooldridge.
Boonville, the largest city in the county and county seat of government had a population of 8,202 in the year 2000. In 2010 the city had grown to 8,319, a gain of 117, which is minor compared to the growth between 1990 and 2000 when the city grew by over 1,000 people. The United States Census Bureau's website at gives many facts about the town, including demographics.
Boonville Special Projects Assistant Kate Fjell said population shifts are caused by a number of factors within an area. She added population shifts at the correctional center are included in Boonville's total population.
She also contributes uncertain times as a catalyst for the slow down of the population.
"The economic slowdown and loss of jobs in the community has caused people to move to other communities for jobs. Traditionally, people in this area will travel significant distances for work," Fjell stated
 She stated that sometimes a community will grow when its geographic boundaries grow, providing increased opportunities for new housing developments and therefore more people to move into the community.
"The City didn’t have any significant growth through annexation between 2000 and 2010," Fjell stated.
Pilot Grove rose in population by five percent to 768, making it still the second the largest city in Cooper County.
Bunceton's population rose by six people between 2000 and 2010. The population in 2010 was 354.
Prairie Home rose in population by over 21 percent since 2000 making it the city with the highest growth percentage in the county. The population was 280 in 2010.
Wooldridge also saw a small growth of 14 people since 2000. Wooldridge has a population of 61.
The cities that saw a decline in population were Otterville (476 in 200 and 454 in 2010) and Blackwater (199 in 2000 and 162 in 2010).