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Favorite Passage from Summer of Kings by Han Nolan
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Feb. 2, 2013 11:15 a.m.

Favorite Passage
My favorite passage in the book was when finally her parents agreed to go to the march.
“Pip opened the front door and I heard a loud chorus of “Surprise!”
I jumped three feet in the air I was so surprised.
Mother, Dad, Monsieur Vichy, Beatrice, Auntie Pie, Stewart, and Sophia all stood before me on the porch, and they laughed and clapped when they saw how surprised I was.
“What’s going on?” I asked, looking around at all their smiling faces and noticing they each held a homemade placard.
Mother said, “We’re going to Washington, Esther. We’re all going.”
“We’re going to support the Negros and their march for freedom,” Sophia said, holding up a placard that said, END SEGREGATION NOW, and Stewart, holding a placard that read FREEDOM IN ’63, said, “And we’re going to support you.” He stepped forward and gave me a hug, and then everyone gathered around me, placards knocking against one another, and they hugged and patted me.
My father said, “Esther, thank you for all of your help this summer. Your mother and I couldn’t have made it through without you.” ……..
Mother said, “This march is important to you, and we realized last night, with Monsieur Vichy’s help, that this wasn’t just a passing whim; you were serious about this. Your father even said you’ve been reading books about civil rights.” Mother shook her head. “I didn’t know.”
Then Beatrice said, “I liked what you said, Esther, about being the change.” She smiled. “I like that. This march should be important to all of us.”
I like this passage because it shows determination and hard work helps you reach your goals. It should give hope and encouragement to anyone who has a goal to reach. The fact that her parents finally found the good in Esther is wonderful. Everyone has wonderful attributes and can offer so much to this world. It only takes determination, faith and people to notice.

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