FOX has improved the accuracy of its programming by not renewing Palin's contract.

What joy!  The shrieking Sarah Palin, the voice like fingernails on a blackboard, has not had her contract renewed!

How she could have been a political commentator defies logic or imagination. 

 Even though she attended various colleges for six years, supposedly majoring in journalism, she had no foundational knowledge of history, geography, language, or logic.  She did not seem to care much about accuracy in reporting, critical thinking, or drawing logical conclusions.  This is not just my opinion, but from the members of the McCain campaign who tried to tutor and prepare her for the campagn.  They gave up.

She was good looking.  She could have been a standup comic.  But not a vice president a breath away from being the leader of the USA.  She could deliver a cutting barb---remember the laughs she got over hockey moms being "Pitbulls with lipstick."  Funny?  Maybe?  Leadership?  Thoughtfulness?  Wisdom?  Not a clue!

Truth was not her forte, either.  Remember her claim that the Affordable Care Act meant the ill or aged would have to come before Death Panels?  I don't know if her intent was to lie, or if she simply did not understand.  Maybe the latter, as she could not name anything she read to Katie Couric?

But her career as the champion caustic remark tosser, the screech of misinformation and of non-sensical babbling is silenced, at least on FOX.  The woman who never met a sentence she could not mangle is no longer masquerading as a political analyst or commentator.  Congratulations FAUX News.