Buying local supports local economy

Buying locally not only helps the local individuals, it also gives a foundation for a more prosperous local economy.
Local business owner Carol Browning of Browning Hardware said their customer base is very local. She said the services they provide bring a more personal experience.
"We greet our customers at the door and help them find what they need," Browning said.
In addition to this experience, the Brownings will order any merchandise that cannot be found in Boonville as an added personal service. This sentiment can be found throughout locally owned businesses in Boonville.
If Browning Hardware cannot order a product, they will call around to other locally owned businesses and ask if they have what the customer is looking for.
Assistant Director of Boonville Tourism Sherry Broyles said local businesses owners are usually experts on their products, uses, needs, installation, etc. Broyles added many items can only be found in Boonville, especially items only made right in this area. Additionally, she said, local businesses also provides jobs for residents- who don't have to commute or or to high school and college kids.
Local business tend to support the local organizations more so than larger cooperations.
"Whenever you shop local, remember the local businesses who support the community in providing funds for organizations and children's activities," Browning said.
Furthermore, Broyles said, when an individual is buying locally, they in turn are investing in their own community.
"You shop local, the business owners shop local; it is a happy circle that just keeps on going," Broyles said.
"When I shop, I usually can find items just as cheap in Boonville at our local stores rather than going out of town," Browning said.