BHS Speak Easy showcases Boonville student talent

Boonville High School student Kate Stodgel won the Eighth annual Boonville High School Speak Easy Wednesday night with a poem titled 'Richard Cory' by Edwin Arlington Robinson. The Speak Easy featured a number of Creative Writing and Pirate Press students who recited a poem for a panel of judges and a packed Turner Hall Wednesday evening. Judges for the night included Sue Brimer-Jones, Tim Brown, Stephanie Green, Mary Ann Kempf and Sarah Parris. Master of ceremonies were Logan Esser and Trea Pinkett.
Sixteen students participated in the poetry out loud portion, and a number of students participated in the open mic portion as well, which featured a number of musically inclined students.
Abby Courtney, instructor of the Creative Writing and Pirate Press classes, thanked everyone for coming as the event got underway. She also thanked David and Leslie Oswald for allowing them to use Turner Hall. Throughout the evening Esser and Pinkett introduced the students and told jokes dealing with poetry. Poems by Robert Frost and Walt Whitman were recited along with two students reciting, 'The Charge of the Light Brigade.'
Music began almost an hour into the event. From contemporary music to classical piano, high school students showed what talent they had to offer.
"Amazing! It was great to see our talented and brave students perform for a wonderful audience," Courtney said.
Courtney was also very thrilled that many people showed up to support the students in this matter.
Desserts were served by the Humanities class who accepted $150 in donations for Project Hope.
Second place in poetry was awarded to Noah Heaton along with third place being awarded to Taylor Tutin.
Stodgel will now participate in the Poetry Out Loud Contest in Columbia in late February. She will have to recite three memorized poems.