The Missouri Tigers men’s basketball team managed to beat South Carolina on Tuesday night in a game that was about as ugly as a bowling shoe.  It was very obvious that South Carolina was not a good basketball team and Missouri certainly played like they weren’t one either.  I have no idea what is going on with Missouri right now, they look like they are totally lost and only the fact they were playing one of the worst teams in the SEC this year allowed Missouri to hang on for a victory.  South Carolina led for most of the game and it looked like they might run off and leave Missouri for a while until the Tigers finally got it together toward the end of the second half.  Missouri is dealing with a lot of physical injuries right now but they also appear to be struggling mentally right now as well as their last three games have been very unfocussed affairs that have not been pretty to watch. 

The Truman State men’s and women’s basketball teams will have home games both Thursday and Saturday against Nebraska Kearney on Thursday and Ft. Hays State on Saturday.  Imagine what it would be like if those were road games.  This nonsensical schedule is a result of a league that appears to be obsessed with global dominance.  Ft. Hays State is close to nine hours from Kirksville and Nebraska Kearney is just about as far and it doesn’t seem to be a cost effective way to run an athletic program.  Luckily, Truman gets to stay home but just looking at the schedule is a clear indication of how it no longer makes any sense for Truman to be in the MIAA.  The league has become so geographically diverse that many road games require the student athletes to miss at least two days of class and possibly three. 

The St. Louis Blues are 2 and 1 so far this season after Tuesday night’s loss at Chicago.  St. Louis easily beat Detroit in their season opener on Saturday night and beat Nashville on the road Monday night in a shoot out before coming up one goal short against the Blackhawks who have been red hot so far.  The shortened season is really going to be s survival of the fittest type of thing because with no preseason and only 48 games all teams are going to have to figure things out on the fly.  It should make for some thrilling action. 

We’ll be back on Friday with a look ahed to this weekend’s sports action and whatever else we can come up with.  Please support all the blogs on this site and thanks as always for your support of this one even when it is a little shorter than normal.

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