Photos tell stories through Photo Voice

Central Missouri Community Action held a reception for their Photo Voice Program participants at the Zuzak Wonder Store Art Gallery Thursday evening. The evening was filled with individuals throughout the community coming in to see what the local students had been working on. Photographs were taken throughout the program in the Boonville area, which depicted an idea of changes they wanted to see in the community. In an earlier story in the Boonville Daily News Photo Voice Instructor Evan Melkersman said the program gives the children a specific voice and with this program they are given the chance to express it. Each photo was accompanied by a sentence to explain what the photo meant. The photos expressed the need for cheaper water, realities of having less money and the lack of activities for children. For many of the students, this was the first time they had ever tried photography. The students interviewed felt it was a rewarding experience. Photo Voice participant Katie Wallace said the participants got to go around and take pictures of the community. Wallace said the idea was to spotlight ideas and things, which needed changing. She also felt the biggest change this community needed was to have less drugs and alcohol. Chase Jackson said his experience was fun. Jackson said he also learned a lot about photography. He feels the littering problem needs to be addressed. Ryann Allain said her experience was very fun. "I think there needs to be more activities after school because us kids have not much to do after school. We need something to keep us out of drugs, alcohol and all the negative stuff," Allain said. "It was fun how you got to take photos," Wallace said. Throughout the night, the student were greeted by friends, family and Boonville officials. Melkersman thanked everyone for coming in and viewing the photos.