The Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce held their yearly banquet with a night filled with a Mardi Gras theme. Attendees enjoyed a mix of cajun food, jazz music and awards to area businesses ranging from area national recognition to the Pat Jackson award. Around 200 people attended. Music through the night was performed by Butch Antal and The Storyville Stompers with a jazzy, New Orleans flair. The meal was catered by the Settler's Inn restaurant. Craig Meyer, who took the reigns as the new president of the chamber board, said Boonville is a special community and that getting involved is key in forming a better community. Outgoing Chamber President Brad Wooldridge also reiterated and spoke about his personal experience about when he came back to Boonville. "When I came back, people would ask me to get involved," Wooldridge said. Wooldridge said people also told him he needed to join the Chamber. He said once he got involved he joined many committees. Executive Director Kim Alberts said the Chamber sponsored over 10 events this past year. She said she was very happy with the dedication and congratulated outgoing president Wooldridge for his two years of service. After speeches were completed awards were presented. The Pat Jackson Distinguished Service Award was awarded to Jim Gholson for his dedication to the safety and protection of the Boonville community. The New Partner Award was awarded to State Fair Community College for investing in the future of Boonville by bringing education and opportunity to the Boonslick region. The National Recognition to the Boonslick Region was awarded to River Hills Sporting Clays for bringing sporting competition and national recognition to the area. Special Recognition was awarded to Dave's County Market for outstanding commitment and support to the area. A Special Recognition also was awarded to C & R Markets for outstanding commitment and support as well. Business of the Year was awarded to Derendinger Furniture for providing support and service to the area for over 40 years. The 2012 President's Award was awarded to Off Track Events for attracting locals and visitors to Boonville through the establishment of Pedaler's Jamboree.  “The Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce's annual banquet is a wonderful way to share an evening with our members and to show our appreciation. We have so much to be grateful for—a supportive community, an involved membership, and an active board of directors. The banquet is a terrific occasion that not only highlights our accomplishments, but also recognizes those individuals that are committed to make our region unique.” Alberts said. New chamber board members include Roz Gordon, Adam Schnetzler, Sherry Shelton and Matt Kueny.