Park Hills Minor Subdivision passes city council

The Park Hills Minor Subdivision platte was passed by the Boonville City Council at the Monday night council meeting. The site plan also passed on a contingency that there is acceptance of a comprehensive sewer plan, reasonable pavements improvements on the alley to upgrade it from a secondary to primary access road and reasonable improvements on the drainage system. In further news a representative from Advanced Disposal, previously known as Veolia before December 5, was on hand at the city council meeting to discuss the changes and yearly report of trash pickup throughout the city. Boonville facility General Manager Daniel Buckley said there have been changes in management since mid-summer of 2012. This, he said, is the reason there have been less accidents and better service throughout town. Buckley said that tonnage of trash at the transfer station is below what it was at the same time a year ago. Safety has also been a huge concern such as keeping trucks on schedule, meaning there are not trucks operating after dark. He said "safety first, service always," is the motto of the company. He also said the safety goals set for 2012 have been met by the current team. Cameras are now located in each truck which detects unsafe behaviors. "We have monthly observations as well," Buckley said. "We also have safety meetings every day." Buckley said the new driver in Boonville has been doing a good job. "Last monday I had not gotten my trash to the curb yet. The individual came down my driveway, picked up my trash can and dumped it for me during the snow storm. He is excellent. I have noticed that when he puts a trash can down, he does not just throw it down, he puts it a certain way," Ward Two Councilman Henry Hurt said. "Things have gotten much better," Ward Three Councilman Hayes Murray said.