Home Theatre, a video rental business, previously located on Ryan Street, has recently moved downtown once again at the corner of Main and Morgan streets. In addition to video rentals Home Theatre offers tanning, marching band accessories, locally made jewelry and Howard County honey. Home Theatre opened in 1985 at 315 Main Street. After five years, the business moved to its current location at the corner of Main and Morgan streets. In 1995 Home Theater expanded to include another location on Ryan Street at the Main Street Center and until 2006 Home Theatre had two locations. Copies Etc. moved into the Main Street location which left the Ryan Street location the only Home Theatre location until October of 2012 when it was once again moved back to the Main and Morgan streets location after the departure of Copies Etc., which moved down further down on Main Street. "We decided to move back downtown because it is better down here. There is less overhead," Home Theatre owner Vicki Muckerman said. She said she really missed being downtown and there is more offered downtown, including more businesses surrounding the area. Muckerman said business has been good but can always be better. "The economy has effected business somewhat," Muckerman said. She also said the industry has been changing quite a bit recently because of the competition with Netflix, Redbox and online streaming websites. The way she competes is offering something an individual cannot find anywhere else. "Because I have such an old library, you cannot find those at Red Box or by online streaming," Muckerman said. She also said some people come in to rent movies because they are discouraged with Netflix because of their internet speed or the lack of video offerings. Another advantage over Netflix that Home Theatre has is a 30 day window, which is offered by certain entertainment companies who will offer their movies to places like Home Theatre before offering them to Netflix. New movie postings are located behind the front counter and include a full month of releases. "We get new movies every Tuesday. "Dread" is coming up along with "To Rome with Love," Muckerman said. Muckerman said many of the new movies such as Total Recall and Bourne Legacy have been the most sought out movies of the season. She also said when there is inclement weather such as rain and snow people start renting more because they need something to do inside their homes. Muckerman plans to include more tanning beds in the future and expand the business offerings.