may not be as good of an idea as one would expect.

Upon searching for that perfect Happy New Year ecard last week I became aware that most of the messages were ones admonishing us to turn over a new leaf, one in particular said if the past year didn’t bring you joy put it behind you and move on wishing the next to bring joy unsurpassed. 

I do wish all my friends and relatives joy unsurpassed and peace that transcends understanding but I thought this as I read over these light hearted cards.

There are a lot of my friends and family who have experienced the loss (not just by death either) of a loved one this last year


 There are memories and emotions that we can no sooner leave behind us than we can fly to the moon.  I learned through my own first year of grieving the loss of a precious loved one that it’s important to embrace that grief.  Let it flow and don’t try to suppress it.  As I traveled through those first few weeks I realized that when I did embrace the grief it did indeed help.


Embracing the memories we’ve had that have brought us joy and sadness makes us who we are, products formed by the wisdom and grace of God.


My new year greeting for you is to embrace the life and loves in our lives and look to what ever the good Lord has for us this coming year.  It’s amazing how many changes and new people in our lives just one year can bring.  I am embracing the new friends and rejoicing over the existing ones with gladness and thanksgiving. 


I thank the Lord for his gifts to me (us) and look forward to the little surprises and learning experiences He has in 2013


Into each life both sun and rain must come. 

Appreciate the reign and love the SON.


God Bless you!