Boonville's first winter storm brought with it a couple inches of snow and a lot of wind, which played havoc on transportation. The storm prompted many area school children to enjoy an early dismissal. The snow was not the only issue. Wind from the storm caused multiple power outages across town and Cooper County.  Ameren UE was on site near the Boonville High School fixing power issues when high winds caused power lines to arc Thursday morning. These problems were quickly fixed. The high school along with Hannah Cole Primary were without power for 30 minutes.  According to Boonville Police Chief Bobby Welliver things could have been worse as far as accidents.  "When I left at the end of the day there were six reported accidents with no injuries. I would say the drivers did an excellent job today. The conditions were bad with the high wind and blowing snow but it appeared the state and city road crews did a good job of getting the streets clean while drivers used extra precaution," Welliver said. Boonville Public Works Director M.L. Cauthon said crews were out before dawn salting roads. Since the road temperatures were still warm it made it easier for snow not to build up. "Traffic moved well today," Cauthon said. The stop lights at the intersection of Main and Spring streets and the intersection of Main and Morgan streets were set to flash red throughout the day causing traffic to act as though it were a four way stop. Cauthon said this was done for precautionary measures. Throughout the county there were also reports of power outages. Cooper County Sheriff Jerry Wolfe said Thursday was a typical first day of snow. Even though the City of Boonville had two accidents, Wolfe expressed concern over the driving of people within the county. "It seems as though we forget how to drive on this stuff from year to year. On the first snow day people have a tendency to drive a little too fast and not leave enough stopping distance," Wolfe said.  Wolfe said there were not any serious accidents on Thursday.    "We have had some drifting as the wind was driving the snow throughout the day. I just urge everyone to give themselves plenty of time to get to their destinations and to not get out on the roads if they don't have to.  If they have to get out use extra caution. It's better to be late than to not get there," Wolfe said. The winter storm that brought snow to Boonville moved out mid-Thursday afternoon. Wind gusts throughout the day were forecasted the be between 40 and possibly 50 miles per hour. Wind chills were forecasted to be in the single digits to below zero as well. Roads remained slick as well.