Five-year old Jailyn Keith Patel, son of Jessica Shelton and JP Patel of Boonville, will be having his fifth surgery on January 3, 2013 at St. Louis Children's Hospital. The surgery is the result of the rare birth defect metopic craniostenosis. Metopic craniostenosis is when the soft spots on a baby's head fuse together too soon after birth, resulting in the brain not having enough room to grow. Jailyn had his first major surgery when he was around 1-year old. “ They reconstructed his whole skull to make room for the soft spots. That surgery lasted 13 hours,” said Jessica Shelton. After the first surgery going home was not an easy task for the family. According to Shelton, Jailyn screamed nonstop. They took him back to the hospital where it was discovered he had an infection. The doctors reopened Jailyn's skull and tried to rinse out the infection. That attempt was unsuccessful so they repeated that same procedure two more times. The consequences of the four surgeries and infection has been the deterioriation of the bones above Jailyn's eyes, nose and in the top of the skull. The upcoming reconstructive surgery is to try and reconstruct the skull and fill in the missing pieces of the bone. According to the Shelton family, Missy Felgar is making ribbons to support Jailyn and his family in prayer on the day of his surgery. Ribbons will be available for pickup at the Boonville Daily News beginning tomorrow, December. 19. The family is asking for everyone to wear the ribbon to show support for Jailyn. There is no charge for the ribbons, but anyone wishing to make a donation may do so. The money will be deposited into a fund that has been set up for Jailyn at Citizens Community Bank, 500 Jackson Drive, Boonville, MO. Donations can also be made at the bank. Jailyn is the grandson of Jimmy and Helen Shelton and Vinu and Kal Swami. He has one brother, Bentley Turner.