City council hears first reading of Katy Bridge bill

An ordinance approving the interim trail use agreement and transfer of ownership regarding the MKTT railroad bridge over the Missouri River was read for the first time at the Boonville City Council Meeting Monday night. Members of the Katy Bridge Coalition were present at the meeting. City Councilor Megan McGuire explained the process and negotiations between the city of Boonville and the Union Pacific Railroad. If passed, the city will take ownership of the bridge with funds being provided by the coalition. The city council was addressed on the ordinance and the history behind the bridge. Paula Shannon of the Katy Bridge Coalition said the first step is to replace the southern span that crosses the track, phase two would include fixing the lift span, phase three would connect the bridge to the north part of the Katy Trail. She said the coalition along with Boonville Special Projects Coordinator Kate Fjell are working on grants to cover the cost. McGuire said the city will own all lands the bridge sits on except the lands that the Union Pacific have their tracks on. She said Union Pacific will give them easements to this land which includes the southern connection at Boonville. She also added Boonville has a first right of refusal in case cost are too high or if the city does not want ownership of the bridge anymore. In further news a draft ordinance was read which would prohibit parking on front or side yards in town. Discussion continued in regards to trailers being parked on lawns as well. The ordinance would cover all vehicles that require a license but not small trailers that carry lawn tractors or ATVs. Ward Three Councilman Hays Murray who recommended the idea for the ordinance said he thinks the ordinance should cover all trailers. Murrary said yards should be clean of all vehicles. The Park Hills Minor Subdivision vote was again postponed to accommodate an executive meeting between the city council, legal councils and developers. Attorney Lou Leanetti, representing Boonville, expressed the need for this meeting to answer questions that were brought up at earlier meetings.