CCHS members honor Heaton for service

During the Cooper County Historical Society's (CCHS) Annual Christmas Party at Pleasant Green on Sunday, CCHS retiring President Jeanette Heaton was given a poinsettia and $100 for the New Lebanon Preservation Society by board members. Heaton has served as the CCHS president for 12 years and another 10 years as a member. "The past 22 years has been very gratifying to have been associated with the accomplishments of CCHS and working with the many members, some no longer with us. My memories of them will be forever with me," Heaton stated. During the party, new board members were inducted which include President Phillip Bechtold; Vice President Annick Streck; Treasurer, Betty Stegner and Secretary Mary Goode. New board members include: Lewis Odneal and Jeanette Heaton, who is now serving as a member rather than officer. Vicki McCarrell, Barbara Dahl, Charles Goode and Wanda Phillips remain members.