An attorney for the City of Boonville, Lou Leonatti addressed the Boonville City Council regarding the Park Hills Minor Subdivision. Leonatti said he recommended the council enter into a work session with the developer to answer some unanswered questions and postpone voting the bill until the council meets with the developer. Leonatti said at the council meeting on Monday evening that the re-platting plans call for the the alley as the main entrance to the minor subdivision. Since the alley is 15 feet wide he asked if the alley could handle the traffic since the amount of traffic possibly could double. He asked if the alley would be a one way or two way alley. He also said snow removal needs should be addressed along with storm water drainage of the area. Ward Three Councilman Ned Beach made a motion to have a work session with the developer, Ward Two Councilman Noah Heaton made a second on the motion. The motion passed with all voting to enter into a work session and postponing the vote until the next council meeting on December 17. Further news included a vote to accept the relocating of the Boonville Ready Mix plant to Radio Hill Road. Since the council meeting was the first meeting in the newly renovated council chambers, Boy Scout Troop 67 presented the colors. Friends of Historic Boonville President Frank Thacher and Director Melissa Strawhun presented Boonville City Clerk Mary McAllister with the city minutes from the mid-1840s through the 1850s, a piece of Boonville history that Thacher thought belonged at Boonville City Hall. Thacher said, all that needs to be found now are the previous 10 years (1830s-1840s) which will complete the council minute history of Boonville. McAllister thanked all who helped make the newly renovated chambers a reality. She said she did not do this all on her own but was able to complete the project with the help of the many city employees who contributed many hours helping get things in order. Boonville Mayor Julie Thacher also thanked McAllister for her hard work.