On November 9th and 10th, Chief Master Westbrook of the American Taekwondo Association hosted a tournament in Kansas City, MO.
Ten students from The Way Martial Arts attended the ATA tournament. Competitors could participate in multiple events including forms, a series of choreographed movements a student has memorized and practiced, weapons, similar to the forms event but combined with the use of a weapon, and sparring, competitors put their skills to the test with an opponent both clad in protective armor. Competitors could also participate in the combat weapons event in which they wear sparring armor and use a padded, stick weapon to battle an opponent. In the novice division Jordan Thiessen placed first in forms and third in sparring, Jordan Wallace placed second in forms and third in sparring, Jesse Wallace placed first in forms and first in sparring, Will Parr placed first in combat weapons and second in sparring, Brook Wurster placed first in sparring, first in combat weapons and second in forms, Jack Pfeiffer placed fourth in forms, sparring, and weapons. In the Tiny Tiger division Ryan Weaver placed first in forms and weapons and Cooper Pfeiffer placed first in forms and weapons. In the adult competition Nicole Ringling placed fourth in forms and one steps, one steps display rehearsed sparring combinations without making physical contact with the opponent. Robert Watkins placed second in forms, second in weapons, third in sparring and third in combat weapons.
The Way Martial Arts is located in Boonville's Main Street Shopping Center, at 520 Ryan Street. The school instructs students in the discipline of Songahm Taekwondo, "The Martial Art that trains students both Mentally and Physically". The Way Martial Arts began operating in the Boonville area in the fall of 2011, led by husband and wife team Mr. William R. Taft and Mrs. Sarah Taft. Chief Instructor and owner of The Way Martial Arts, Mr. William R. Taft, third degree Black Belt in Songahm Taekwondo, has been teaching martial arts for over twenty-eight years. The ATA has trained more than one million students and has over 350,000 active members worldwide with 1,200 independently owned and operated schools in five continents.