Remmington Hammers and Wyatt Grizzle go 3-0

For the first meet of the 2012 season, the LSE Hawks wrestling team received high marks while battling a field of four other teams Tuesday night at the LSE gymnasium.
Although team points weren't kept during the meet, Odessa accumulated more wins than any team with 35 while LSE had 28, Moberly 21, Brookfield 13 and Eldon with 10.
LSE wrestling coach Jeff Francis said the Hawks won 72 percent of its matches Tuesday night while Odessa won only 64 percent of its matches.
"Our wrestlers battled through very tough matches and won the majority of them," Francis said. "They looked good fighting, banging, clubbing and pinning their opponents. I was very proud of all the kids' efforts. If our kids wrestle with the physical dominance they displayed last night, we will continue to be successful."
The Hawks definitely had plenty of success last night. With a total of 191 matches, the Odessa Bulldogs finished the evening at 35-20 with 28 pins. LSE, meanwhile, was 28-11 with 22 pins while Moberly was 21-18 with 18 pins, Brookfield 13-18 with 12 pins and Eldon 10-40 with eight pins.
Nine wrestlers for the Hawks also finished the night undefeated in their respective weight classes.
Remmington Hammers and what Grizzle were the only three-time winners for the Hawks while Klayton Anderson, Michael Flint, Gabe Kaiser, Joel Concannon, Lucas Gerke, Alan Swires and Landon Bail all finished 2-0.
Blake Barnes, KeAndre Anderson and Christian Kosnopfal each finished 2-1 while Gabe Rumbaoa was 1-1 and Thomas Grathwohl 1-2.
The Hawks also had a great start in the meet by finishing 11-3 in the opening round.
Recording wins for LSE were Klayton Anderson by fall over Fisher of Odessa in 1:02; Michael Flint by fall over Cameron Jackson of Moberly in 26 seconds; Blake Barnes by fall over Dillon of Eldon in 1:50; Gabe Kaiser by 6-1 decision over Mandina of Odessa; Remmington Hammers by fall over Fugate of Moberly in 1:44; Wyatt Grizzle by fall over Jeremy Baker of Eldon in 42 seconds; Joel Concannon by fall over Cain of Brookfield in 1:10; KeAndre Anderson by fall over Hopkins of Odessa in 32 seconds; Christian Kosnopfal by fall over Shippers of Moberly in 1:53; Alan Swires by fall over Gabbard of Eldon in 1:01; and Landon Bail by fall over Sam Vladeff of Eldon in 1:32.
In other matches in the first round, Thomas Grathwohl lost by a 5-3 decision against Gallegos of Odessa; Jeffrey Davidson lost by a fall against Howerton of Brookfield in 1:11; and Chad Northern lost by fall against Dummermuth of Eldon in 55 seconds.
In the second round, the Hawks had a little tougher time while finishing 8-5 overall.
Picking up wins for LSE were Grathwohl by a 4-2 decision over Kram of Odessa; Anderson by a fall over Justin Stewart of Brookfield in 2:14; Hammers by fall over Mason Smith of Odessa in 47 seconds; Grizzle by 7-1 decision over Wood of Odessa; Lucas Gerke by fall over Tate Warny of Eldon in 37 seconds; Gabe Rumbaoa by fall over Ahrens of Moberly in 13 seconds; Swires by fall over Vladeff of Eldon in 2:15; and Bail by fall over Gabbard of Eldon in 16 seconds.
In other matches in the second round, Barnes lost by a fall against Peek of Odessa in 1:23; Davidson lost by a fall against Luke Klotz of Odessa in 18 seconds; Northern lost by a fall against Mergelkamp of Eldon in 2:29; Anderson lost by a fall against Shippers of Moberly in 2:10; and Kosnopfal lost by a fall against Wall of Eldon in 1:59.
In the third round of the tournament, the Hawks finished with a record of 9-3 with six pins.
Recording wins for LSE were Flint by DQ; Barnes by fall over Vincent Monarca of Odessa in 3:54; Kaiser by fall over Pogue of Moberly in 3:55; Hammers by fall over Alan Johnson of Odessa in 2:58; Grizzle by fall over John Buckler of Moberly in 1:51; Concannon by fall over Kempker of Eldon in 2:50; Gerke by 8-2 decision over Whittle of Eldon; Anderson by 16-8 decision over Shawn Wall of Eldon; and Kosnopfal by a fall over Hopkins of Odessa in 33 seconds.
In other matches in the third round, Grathwohl lost by a fall against Windsor of Odessa in 1:03; Davidson lost by a fall against Garrett Gardner of Brookfield in 27 seconds; and Rumbaoa lost by a 9-0 decision against Rambo of Odessa.
The LSE Hawks wrestling team will compete next on Thursday, Nov. 15 in the Mexico Quad starting at 6 p.m.