The plaques for the National Register of Historic Places are ready for pickup for those who ordered them earlier this year through a grant program of matching funds provided by the City of Boonville. The plaques can be picked up at the City Hall on Main Street. The Boonville Daily News asked Special Projects Coordinator Kate Fjell some questions regarding the plaques. She also provided more information explaining how to qualify for these plaques. What qualifications are there to apply for a National Register of Historic Places Plaque? To qualify for a plaque through our matching grant program homes must be on the National Register and within the city limits. Can you give more information about the plaque program for this year and how often are plaques received? This was our first ever plaque program and this was an initiative that came out of the Historic preservation Commission during the planning session conducted in 2009. We hope to incorporate these plaques into a walking tour for visitors that will tell a little bit about each property to supplement existing walking tours already created. We felt that plaques were a good way to show that our community has a strong preservation ethic and is proud of history. As mentioned above, we hope to do a second round in the new year.   How many places are on the National Register in Boonville that qualify for a plaque? There are approximately 400 properties. Each property has to be individually listed or contributing to a National Register District.   How many individuals can apply for the grant program? We hope to do a round two of the matching plaque grant sometime in the new year. We will put out a press release announcing the opportunity and have the information available on our webpage. We ran the first round on a first come, first service basis until the funds ran out. This first round we had 23 people participate. How long does it take to get a plaque? From application to receiving the plaque, it took about four months. To order plaques on your own takes four to six weeks.   When and where can individuals pick up their plaque? If individuals ordered a plaque they can pick them up at City Hall located at 401 Main Street.   Is there anything else you would like to add? Thanks to everyone who owns and maintains a historic home in Boonville. They are an important part of our community. Historic Preservation attracts tourists and new residents and builds community pride and identity. So many visitors remark about our great architecture and stock of historic homes and buildings; we were happy to create a program that would help enhance these assets. I hope to have lots of applications in the second round so we can continue to recognize Boonville's history and culture.